Project proposal



BubbleVR, Virtual Reality game

This is a page to describe the proposal for my third projects for the CS491 Virtual and Augmented Reality class at UIC. I decided that I want to concentrate on VR and develop a game which most likely will be only deployed on the HTC Vive. The game is inspired by a 2D flash game that I used to play with my best friend years ago, Bubble and I think that if I can build it like I want it would be a very fun game.

Project details


The game is inspired by the series of flash games: Bubble Struggle. You can easily play it by going to: Bubble Struggle 2. This will be a double enhancement of that game, it will be in 3D and in VR, therefore, the game logic will probably differ from the initial concept due to the various adjustments that the testing will suggest me, the game will have to be playable and fun and not constrained to follow Bubble Struggle at any cost.

The game will consist in resisting through levels by dodging and shooting at balls bouncing in the room, when a ball is hit, it's popped and divided in 2 (variable) smaller balls that change direction or if it's a small ball it will just pop and disappear. There could be different types of guns that the user can pick up during the game, that have different behaviors. The player dies if a ball hits him.

My initial thoughts of this game, subject to change, are the following: the environment will be a 10 by 10 meters virtual and closed room, to make it easy to play in class and with a tethered Vive, the user won't have to move for more than the usual 3 by 3 meters area we have in class which will be mapped to the central area of the virtual environment. The balls will probably come from the four corners at random intervals and based on the level. The initial direction will also have to be randomized in order not to have a predictable pattern that the user could recognize. Since the player would have to be alert and focused on the entire environment around him, in a 360 degrees way, a positional sound feedback emitted by incoming balls in the room should be present to help him have the situation under control and know where to turn.

Depending on how much time it will take me I will add different modes, levels, guns, shield, timed freeze,

Hardware platforms

Initially I thought that this type of game could have been great to be played on the Cave 2, but since I wouldn't have as much access to the lab as I think I'd need, I will develop it for the HTC Vive platform.

Software to build the application

I will use Unity and VRTK to develop the game.


I will work alone on this project, mainly because I don't have much free time in this semester and collaboration and work integration takes time. However, I will try to get feedback from people to improve it during development.

Assets and resources needed

I don't plan on using any other libraries other than VRTK and SteamVR, I will create my own models or take some from the internet and cite them, and I will probably also get some sounds from public sources.

Inspired by

Bubble Struggle

Gameplay demo

This is a short video of me playing the game

This is a video of me playing the game